Finding The Right Director For Your Project.

Attaching the right director to a production is among the most critical factors in ensuring that the creative concept is fully realized. 


Manhattan Place Entertainment works closely with our clients to first identify the creative framework of a given project or campaign, and then provides reels of one or more directors who are optimally suited for interpreting and executing in that particular area of creative specialization.

A Powerhouse of Talent

Manhattan Place Entertainment has a roster of more than 100 of the industry’s top directors with a collective portfolio of work that represents experience, expertise and artistry in every conceivable genre. 







No More Overwhelm 

Contact us to discuss your next project or campaign and we will take the confusion, overwhelm, and mystery out of finding the director that is perfectly suited to your specific needs.


Director resumes/reels are available upon request.



Or call 212-682-2000 

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