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A Women and Minority Owned Company

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We specialize in producing commercials, promos, TV campaigns, branded content, theatrical marketing and advertising. We work with motion picture studios, broadcast networks, cable networks, streaming entertainment services, advertising agencies and many of the worlds best known brands in creating award winning content from concept through to completion. 


Our hand picked production teams are comprised of the most diverse and talented independent artists and production vendors known to this industry, a collective roster personally curated by Manhattan Place Entertainment's Founder Steve Cohen.  


By keeping our overhead low, and maintaining a network of talent that is without peer (Creative + Shoot + Post), we’ve always been in the enviable position of having the full resources and horsepower of a large agency without having to charge like one.

Shoot Production


Whether you're shooting on a soundstage or on-location anywhere in the country or around the world, union or non-union we expertly manage and oversee every single step of shoot production.

We help ensure that you get the maximum value for your shooting budget, while achieving the most stunning cinematic imagery imaginable. 


When you consider the breadth of our experience, sheer expertise and flawless track record in executing shoots of any type and of every scale, you will be hard pressed to find a more proven, more capable or more prolific shoot production partner than Manhattan Place Entertainment.



Manhattan Place Entertainment manages and oversees every aspect of the post production process from editing through to color grading.


We specialize in post producing commercials, TV promos, marketing and promotional content for feature films, trailers, TV Campaigns, branded content, advertising and all genres of short and long form content. 


Our curated roster of editors, after effects, VFX, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, color grading, sound, and post supervision teams are a diverse mix of the most outstandingly talented and highly accomplished independent artists and post production vendors known in the industry.


As part of our closely held production partnerships with Soapbox Films and Project XAV, we offer (2) state of the art post production facilities in Burbank, CA.


No matter the genre or scope of work, Manhattan Place Entertainment provides custom post solutions that meet the specific creative needs of your project or campaign while ensuring that you get the maximum value for your post budget.


In every way and at every level, Manhattan Place Entertainment is the consummate post production partner.