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A Women and Minority Owned Company

About Us


Manhattan Place Entertainment is a woman and minority owned content creation studio.  


We specialize in producing commercials, promos, branded content, and marketing campaigns for Motion Pictures and TV Series. We work closely with broadcast networks, cable networks, streaming entertainment services, motion picture studios, advertising agencies and many of the world's best known brands.


In terms of name recognition, we've always remained one of the the best kept secrets in our industry. But when you consider all that we've done, the level we've done it at, and the clients we’ve done it for, anyone would be hard pressed to find a company that is more proven, more capable, or more effective than we are.

One aspect of our reputation that has never been a well kept secret is our "Jedi like”, unending ability to make all things go right for our clients, and making it all go right without shining a light on how we do it, or being thirsty for accolades. We view our clients success as our only success. 


We are a signatory for IATSE, DGA, SAG/AFTRA, NABET, and IBEW and handle full scale union productions, but we have always had the freedom and flexibility to handle any non-union productions that come our way as well. We are one of the very few companies afforded that dual status.


Jamie Cohen and Steve Cohen are co-owners of Manhattan Place Entertainment and happen to moonlight as husband and wife.  Jamie, a woman of Filipino heritage, was given a male name by her mother Isabel prior to her being born. Isabel was certain she would be giving birth to a boy.  Mind you there were no tests conducted to confirm the predicted gender.  Lucky for Steve Isabel was wrong (definitely not the last time she was wrong) Jamie was most definitely a girl, the name stuck and the rest is history.


Jamie became the majority owner of Manhattan Place Entertainment in 2020 and Isabel has had a controlling interest in Steve and Jamie's marriage since 1998.

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