About Us


For more than 30 years Manhattan Place Entertainment has created content for major Motion Picture Studios, Broadcast and Cable Networks, Advertising Agencies and the worlds best known brands.


Our portfolio of work is a showcase of excellence and experience in all areas/genres of content creation and represents the gold standard of production values and execution.


We handle concept through to completion, but we gladly offer any of our production services and production teams on an as-need basis including: 


  • Conceptual and Creative Services

  • Pre-production planning and all phases of pre-production

  • Field and Studio Shoot production, 

  • Post -Production: Editing, Visual Effects, Color Grading/Finishing, and sound. 


(BTW, If you’re not totally sure about which services you need, we will gladly walk things through with you so you can make your best determination).



People often ask us: 


What is the secret to producing such a wide variety of content for so many different clients over a such a long period of time? 


The Answer: 


We’ve strategically positioned ourselves to deliver at the highest level imaginable, for anything that comes our way, and we accomplished this by structuring ourselves as a collective.  


Definition: Collective - noun. a cooperative enterprise. adj. done by people acting as a group. 


While holding a lot of staff and facilities may seem impressive, we recognized there is a financial burden that comes along with having high operating costs, and those costs often times have to get passed along to the client.


Our model has proven to be considerably more efficient, and enables us to be much more effective!


The other challenge to being beholden to assigning an in-house staff producer, director etc.,  is that it may not yield the best suited or most qualified woman or man for the specialized needs of a given production.


We are in the enviable position of selecting from and collaborating with, those who are:

The best of the best, the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the best and brightest, the top of the heap, the bees knees, the A-list, the shit.


 OK. You get the point.


With an endless capacity to tap in to all of the talent that is available industry wide, the production world is truly our oyster.


A Long Track Record of Success

With more than ten thousand projects delivered since 1987, our work has been viewed on broadcast, cable, and the web by audiences literally numbering in the tens of millions (sometimes viewed all at once, like on some of the Super Bowl content we have produced).



Who doesn’t Need a Great Production Partner? 

Every successful project requires top tier project management, coordination and oversight. 


Manhattan Place Entertainment provides the knowledge, expertise and guidance that is so vitally needed in overseeing and executing each aspect of the creative and production process. 


We are the company of record.


We take responsibility to make sure everything goes right for everybody involved.  


We’re your executive producing counterpart that tirelessly works on your behalf to ensure that the smoothest execution and most highly successful outcomes are achieved… so you never have to break a sweat.


In the words of Colonel Jessup (played by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men) “You want us on that wall. You neeeeed us on that wall”.


Let’s Be Honest:  Production is Production.  

If you are good at production you are good production, and we’ve proven we’re one of the F**kin’ best.


Please know, there is no truth to the misconceptions that the only good production companies are the pretentious ones, or that chasing after a hot-shot flavor of the month director is the only way one can fully realize their production aims.


We’re not pretentious. And we’re sure as hell glad that we weren't just a one hit wonder. What we are is a down to earth company who has been producing and delivering content at the highest possible level for more than 25 years, and we’re still at the top of our game. 


You gotta ask yourself, who you would rather work with?



Your Success is Our Success

We really mean it.  


Our greatest satisfaction is derived from seeing our clients bask in the glory of their creative achievements, (while we happily and humbly avoid the limelight).


With our collective capabilities in your corner, you will not just attain hugely successful outcomes, you will surpass your highest content creation aspirations.



About Being Nice

(if you’ve read this far, you might as well take it through to the finish line).


We get the idea that anyone who already knows “about us” will tell you that we’re really really nice to work with too.  


From our perspective, working with people who can help raise a smile or occasionally make you laugh counts for something. 


Especially these days.


You can be really good at what you do and be nice at the same time. 


Nice matters.


So, despite the barrage of bad puns and endless corny jokes that originate from Manhattan Place Entertainment’s Founder and President Steve Cohen (a personality trait genetically handed down to him from his Grandfather and his dad), we have managed to receive some very kind acknowledgments from the people whose paths we have crossed about our being nice.


Which is nice.

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