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LIVE With Kelly And Ryan Promo Campaign
“We Live Here” New Spot Airing

Check out the latest "We Live Here," spot, for LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. The promotional campaign was created by Project XAV in Los Angeles for the Disney | ABC Television Group. Project XAV tapped on Manhattan Place Entertainment to handle all of the shoot production. 



Shooting a National TV Promo Campaign During a Pandemic



Faced with the challenge of needing to capture an abundant amount of material in a short amount of time with substantial crew size restrictions in place due to the pandemic, Manhattan Place Entertainment came up with a strategic plan that effectively increased the size of our crew while strictly adhering to all covid-19 protocols. With no more than 10 people allowed to gather on the shooting stage at any one time, our solution was to sequentially rotate members of the various departments in and out of the physical space as they were needed while never exceeding the allowable 10 person head count. This helped bump up the overall number of people who could participate from 10 to 22. That was a game changer! Other essential personnel including the Project XAV and Disney teams were able to fully interact with the production remotely from Los Angeles.



Full Scale Productions Enabled Due To Remote HD “Confidence” Monitoring And Production Oversight Capability


With a little bit of ingenuity, strategic maneuvering, and ground breaking technology, Project XAV and Manhattan Place Entertainment essentially turned a smaller scale production into the equivalent of a full scale production, one that was every bit as effective as having all of the usual participants on the ground.


Above: In this setup we used InterFACE-TO-FACE live compositing capability to line up this shot of Kelly Ripa so that we could later create a 2-shot that would include Ryan's Seacrest (we printed Ryan's face on paper and placed it on set for Kelly to use as an eyeline).


Below: With this approach, we were able to have talent "appear together" in the final spot, while keeping them apart and/or safely distanced from one another as needed throughout the shoot.

Our InterFACE-TO-FACE HD monitoring/streaming service continues to prove itself as the most highly effective and efficient tool for achieving full scale productions when/where essential personnel need to participate - but cannot be on site. 


The Icing On The Cake


The icing on the cake came the day after our shoot when during their live show Kelly and Ryan remarked about how much fun they had shooting the promos.


It was a really nice acknowledgement of our combined efforts, especially coming from Kelly Ripa who has humorously stated she does not enjoy shooting promos. We're glad we were able to make this experience fun for her! (Check it out, it's pretty funny.) 


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The We Live Here campaign spots are currently airing across The Disney Television Networks. 

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