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A Women and Minority Owned Company

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A Post-Production Workflow That Remains 

Ahead of the Curve

In 2009 Manhattan Place Entertainment began implementing a post-production workflow that enabled producers, editors and clients to collaborate remotely.


The workflow not only provided a means for client participation in real-time, it offered many other logistical advantages including a reduction of travel time and travel related expenses, expediting the approval process, and more.


This "Out-frastructuring" was actually born out of necessity as a means of making our post capabilities more accessible to our clients, enabling "virtual" sessions to occur from anywhere there's an internet connection.   


By removing the impediment of logistics, this remote workflow also became a gateway for us to locate and utilize some of the industries most highly accomplished post-production talent, all of whom were suddenly within our reach regardless of where they resided.


To ensure the most successful outcomes, Manhattan Place Entertainment meticulously selects our post-production teams on the basis of their particular skillsets and respective area(s) of specialization in order to meet the specific needs that a given project or initiative requires.


We always bring our award-winning experience and expertise to each and every project and are there to oversee and manage the entire post-production process. 


With the coronavirus front and center, and limitations on shooting still in place, our creative teams continue to think outside the box about concepts that can be executed mainly "inside the box".


With that in mind, we would be happy to discuss your needs, share some ideas, and help you find solutions that are the most workable.


As always, we are here for you, and you can rely on us to provide any level of help you may want.  


Below are some photos of the people from our nationwide post-production network. 


As you can see, we're all set-up to work from home, and while this has become a necessity during the pandemic, it's nothing new for us. 


In that sense, it really is a post-production workflow that has remained ahead of the curve.

Steve Cohen.jpeg

Steve and Jamie Cohen

Senior Executives in Charge of Production/Production Management

Co-Owners/Manhattan Place Entertainment

Old Tappan, NJ

Gary Lister.jpeg

Gary Lister

SVP/Sr. Creative Director

Project XAV

Los Angeles, CA

Juan Campos.jpeg

Juan Campos

Sound Mixer

Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Wendell.jpeg

Jonathan Wendell


Atlanta, GA

Bill Baker.png
Dan Horgan.jpeg

Bill Baker


Manchester, MA

Dan Horgan


Bluefoot Entertainment

Avon, CT

Eric Alvarado.jpeg

Eric Alvarado


Hackensack, NJ

Dylan Chase.jpeg

Dylan Chase


Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Oshan.jpeg

Andrew Oshan


Co/Owner  Maul Media

New York, NY

Dave Lengel.jpeg
Kelly Krysh.jpeg

David Lengel


Brooklyn, NY

Kelli Krysh

Online Editor/Colorist

Los Angeles, CA

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