Post Production

Multi-faceted capabilities and expertise.


Our post production portfolio spans every genre.

From narrative editing to the most advanced visual effects work, our award winning post supervisors, producers, and artists have expertise in each phase of post production including: pre-visualization and conceptualization, shoot supervision, 2D and 3D motion graphics, animation, compositing, VFX, CGI, color grading and finishing for final delivery.

Our editors are more than just highly skilled cutters – they are storytellers. 

And our visual effects artists create on-screen imagery that enables our clients to reach as far as their imaginations will take them. 


Scalable post production services and rate structuring. 


From client supervised sessions in state of the art on-line facilities, to more cost-efficient unsupervised off-site sessions, inclusive of sound mixing, color correction and finishing,  we help to identify and provide the most workable solutions for delivering on-time and on-budget, without ever compromising the integrity of the creative concept.  

Advances in technology enable more effective, more efficient and more convenient client interaction from anywhere in the world. 

Digital file sharing enables every phase of the post process to be viewed and revised by clients and/or their respective creative teams whenever they are unable, or choose not to be, “in the room where it happens”. 


Additionally, off-site supervised sessions can be arranged by virtually placing the client in the room with the capability of electronically monitoring and supervising the entire session in real time.  

This is often a more convenient and more time efficient path to execution as well as being more cost effective.  

In that regard, the world has gotten smaller, as we are now able to work more closely with clients than ever before, regardless of distance. 


As a result, Manhattan Place Entertainment has delivered post production services to clients all over the country,  and all over the world.

Call us about your next post production project and receive a free consultation. 


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