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A Women and Minority Owned Company


Manhattan Place Entertainment has all of the solutions to enable full scale production equivalency for both shooting and post-production during the pandemic.


By Implementing a hyper-intelligent and highly strategic approach that divides the execution of shoot production between on-site participants and off-site participants, we have effectively solved the problem of restricted crew sizes and attained the equivalency of  full scale production support.  This has resulted in a multitude of successful shoots.


Prior to any shoot, the maximum footprint is determined for those safely allowed to be on set. In any circumstance where additional personnel are needed a plan is implemented that enables personnel to be rotated on and off the set as/when needed. During these times departments such as hair and make-up, wardrobe, art department, lighting and grip, are invited onto the set and given the opportunity to address what is needed. They  replace other members of the shooting team while they perform their duties.  When they have completed their work, the main shoot team is invited back and replaces the team that just completed their task.  Additional crew members are positioned away from the shooting set in a safe holding area socially distanced with strict adherence to all Covid safety protocols.  This approach effectively enables a restricted crew size to grow exponentially and allows for full scale production support equivalency. 


By using the latest technological advances and stealth streaming capabilities any essential member of a production who would otherwise be restricted from being on set or in the edit suite can very safely and highly effectively participate and oversee from their personal device from off-site.


In terms of onsite production protocols: Manhattan Place Entertainments Certified Covid Compliance Officers provide total oversight prior to and during shooting to ensure that the strictest covid protocols are followed and adhered to.  


We handle PCR pre-testing for all personnel in advance of the production day. On production days, a detailed questionnaire of all personnel is administered to determine any recent exposure and anyone who has possibly been exposed is disqualified from participating (Manhattan Place has back-up teams standing by for whenever someone has been exposed). 


All on-set personnel are temperature checked throughout the day and are required to wear masks and gloves and wash their hands any time after the gloves have been removed.  Regular disinfecting of the premises is performed by Covid Compliance Officers on-site throughout the day.


By using safe, intelligent solutions and a highly reasonable approach throughout the pandemic, Manhattan Place Entertainment has enabled content producers to do away with zoom style productions and get back to the business of full scale shoot productions.

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