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A Women and Minority Owned Company

Full Scale Shoot Productions Are Resuming In The New York Metropolitan Area

New York’s Latest Phase 4 Re-Opening Guidelines Allow Shooting With Production Personnel And Cast On-Site. 


Manhattan Place Entertainment Implements Technology That Enables Safer Shooting Than Mandated By The States.


Shoots Occurring From Coast To Coast Now Have The Means To Include The Full Participation Of Essential Personnel From Off-Site.


Learn more about media production re-opening guidelines here:


Manhattan Place Entertainment’s InterFACE-TO-FACE monitoring service (the highest quality streaming/monitoring and 2-way communications technology in the industry), provides the safest and most effective means for any members of a production to fully participate from off-site wherever and whenever needed.

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Manhattan Place Entertainment is up and running and fully optimized to safely, effectively and efficiently produce shoots at any/all locations that are re-opened.

We have taken additional measures to ensure that field productions are taking place in an environment that is conducive to the highest level of creativity and technical execution while adhering to the latest COVID-19 protocols.



“This most recent project has been a smashing success thanks in large part to the utilization of the InterFACE-TO-FACE service”.

Chris Maragni - Post Supervisor, Cycle Media



In the scenario described above, the Cycle Media team utilized Manhattan Place Entertainment’s InterFACE-TO-FACE monitoring service for a shoot they produced for Nike. 


Logistically, the director was situated in Los Angeles, the shoot team was on the ground in Portland, Oregon and the agency/creatives were in New York - all participants collaborated in real time from their respective locations through InterFACE-TO-FACE.



Manhattan Place Entertainment’s InterFACE-TO-FACE Monitoring Service Puts You On Set From Anywhere In The World


above: an illustration of the InterFACE-TO-FACE service being displayed on a personal device

Groundbreaking Features 

During the pandemic we have successfully introduced and implemented our game-changing InterFACE-TO-FACE service for delivering live monitoring of the entire production, including viewing up to (3) shooting cameras and a wide "overview" shot of the set. Each user can choose to see all of the cameras at once or select/switch between the cameras on their device. 



Our InterFACE-TO-FACE streaming system provides the highest caliber HD signal available in the industry for true confidence monitoring, and supports 2-way communication between the production team on set and all those participating from off-site, in real time.



No lag. No delays. No digital artifacts. Real time monitoring delivered with image quality that far surpasses any other streaming or video conferencing service.



The service also provides robust video playback capabilities including: simultaneous review of recorded takes during shooting, live keying/compositing, graphic overlays, and various script note functions.



All of these capabilities are sent directly and securely to your device, using a special interface so you can be face to face with the production.



Whether you’re across the room, across the street, across town, across the country, or across the world you’ll be able to participate as if you were on set with everyone. 



And all it takes is an internet connection.


Is InterFACE-TO-FACE Easy To Use? 
Manhattan Place Entertainment places this service literally at your fingertips, ready to use with virtually no learning curve or set-up required.
We oversee and manage the entire process from start to finish inclusive of:
  • Sight surveys of all shooting locations

  • Assess bandwidth on-site to ensure the system’s performance is optimized. 

  • Where internet speeds are insufficient, independent service is provided to optimize operation.

  • Handle all other coordination and logistics for both on-site operation and off-site recipients. 

  • Sign in and securely authorize all users.

  • Run systems pre-tests/tech rehearsal with all users.

  • We assign a technical producer to each shoot to guide everyone through the user experience and provide any assistance needed to make certain that the InterFACE-TO-FACE service runs smoothly throughout the entire production.


  • Our professional on-site system operators are the most highly trained and experienced in this area of specialization in the industry.

From The Shooting Set - Straight To Your Device 

Manhattan Place Entertainment does all of the legwork and heavy lifting to get you on set, so all you have to do is get on your device and join the production. 



The Major Benefit

Now any or all essential personnel (Production, Creatives, Client, Brand, Agency, Sales, Marketing, etc.) have at their fingertips (quite literally), the most highly workable option for safely, effectively and efficiently participating in shoot productions from off-site,  alleviating any travel impediments, headcount restrictions, or other COVID-19 related concerns.


When you consider the overall benefits: no travel time, no travel costs, and an ability to safely participate from anywhere in the world, the InterFACE-TO-FACE system is proving to be the most highly workable, highly efficient, and highly effective approach for handling field production in today's world and for well after the pandemic has ended. 



Contact Manhattan Place Entertainment to set up a live demonstration of InterFACE-TO-FACE The Ground Breaking Service That Allows You To Be On Set From Anywhere.

Once you see it in action, we think you will agree

it is a real game changer

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