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A Women and Minority Owned Company

Manhattan Place Entertainment Providing

Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officers, Covid PPE Kits And All Other Support For Administering The Highest Level Covid-19 Safety Protocols On All Productions


Safety First On Production Shoots Is A Must 



Did you know that there are specific Covid-19 protocols that have been set forth by the Guilds and Unions in the film industry in addition to the protocols that have been recommended by the CDC and mandated by the states for active film productions?


These protocols have been released with a singular purpose: To provide clear cut regulations and specific procedures (for all to follow) for the safest operation of a production set. 


With these procedures now known and in place, it is incumbent upon the production to strictly adhere to these protocols without fail to ensure the safety of all participants. 


The good news: Since the release of these protocols, Manhattan Place Entertainment has been providing fully Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officers along with the necessary PPE kits and all other equipment that is required to run proper Covid control on all of our production sets.


We take responsibility for making sure that our shoots are 100% compliant, ensure that our sets are the safest and most efficiently run, and work diligently at minimizing any potential slow downs to the production schedule.

A Covid Compliant Set

“I have been on 4 shoots since the shutdown and hands down the WWE shoot was the best Covid Compliant production I have experienced by far. It was really reassuring to see that Manhattan Place Entertainment had dedicated personnel for handling the Covid protocols. 


All of the crew were supplied with KN95 face masks to create a sense of uniformity on set. Temperature checks were taken at the start of the day, after lunch, and at wrap to ensure that production would be aware of any health changes throughout the day. And things could not have run more efficiently. There was no down time incurred during the shoot because of the protocols, and we were able to stay on schedule which was amazing." 

Zach Buchner

Second Assistant Director

Manhattan Place Entertainment’s expertly trained Covid-19 Compliance Officers provide fast, friendly oversight and guidance throughout the production day to help make your shoot go as safely and efficiently as possible.


We provide a Covid pre-screening questionnaire to all participants prior to the shoot date(s) to ensure that everyone working on set is properly cleared. We check temperatures upon arrival, and retest a minimum of twice more, insure social distancing is kept in tact and perform rigorous disinfecting of the premises throughout the day. 

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